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Unleashing the power to go beyond impossibilities

Umm Ghuwailina - An Overview

The most challenging project we have ever accomplished with an enormous success rate. This project is focused on the cultivation of green fodder, owned by Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality & Environment. Al Baida’s most unique business model, distinguished infrastructure, and innovative solutions have absolutely made this project a symbol of a sustainable tomorrow.

Everlasting Vision

Agriculture is the most inevitable element of the very future. Growing pastures in the land of desert and rocks require phenomenal efforts and explicit timing. With our endless hopes and untiring work, we made this challenge a reality that exists.

The scope of the project requires agricultural & landscaping services and management. The biggest challenge was tackling the food saturation that occurred in the market for the entire State and Government of Qatar. Thereby, we along with our diligent expertise in the production process and the government’s support made it possible to achieve our vision in agriculture.