L o a d i n g

A massive and astounding project symbolizing our relentless passion and potential.

The project with MWANI began in 2016. Ever since we have extensively developed and expanded our client’s business prosperously. Our business model and experience have ensured our clients to carry out their operations effectively with zero defects. We provide streamlined logistic services and freight forwarding services with our wide expertise and high precision tools that enable the smooth functioning of the business.

An Industrious Marvel

Designed by the smartest heads, this project is a phenomenal work with cutting edge technology. The whole idea was to bring a novel and environment-friendly dream into reality.

Distinguished Services

  •  Break Open The Door Seals On Request
  •  Emptying And Refilling The Cargo Packages
  •  Closing And Sealing The Container Door
  •  Supplying Human Resources As Labor, Tally Clerks, Foreman Supervisors On Shifts
  •  Mooring And Unmooring Labor Activities On Authorized Request
  •  Port Management Functionalities On Request – Handling Vessel, Yard Operations
  •  Loading And Unloading The Cargo At Designated Areas
  •  Paper Work – Documentation, Recording And Reporting